matthew speedy

b. 1988

Tyler Sculpture MFA - 2017

Philadelphia, PA

Pratt Institute BID - 2011

Brooklyn, NY



Barycenter, Dual Solo Exhibition with Elizabeth McGrady at The Anderson at VCU, Richmond, VA

Signs of Life, Solo Exhibition, Westtown School, West Chester, PA


Ocotillo, Stella Elkins Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Signals Intelligence, MFA Thesis Show, Temple Contemporary, Philadelphia, PA

Not Here. Not Home., Temple Contemporary, Philadelphia, PA

Vision Margin, The Glass Factory, Philadelphia, PA

Everything Must Go, Albert Paley Library, Philadelphia, PA


Terrible Feelings, Dual Solo Exhibition with Bowen Schmitt, Great Far Beyond, Philadelphia, PA

30 Under 30ish, Victori+Mo Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Selections from the Lovey Town Archive, Dock 6 Collective, Chicago, IL

Excuse me, where is the ATM machine?, Deli Projects, Basel, Switzerland


Maybe I'm Amazed, Knockdown Center, Queens, NY

We Got Spirit, Yes We Do, Unity Gallery, Fairfield, IA


Splinter Field, Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

And The Villagers Never Liked You Anyway, Knockdown Center, Queens, NY

Plaskrit Corp, Freeman Space, Brooklyn, NY

I Can’t Spell Group Without A You, Loveytown, Madison, WI

The Devil’s Playthings, Aeaeae Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


Le Weekend, Makeshift Studios, Brooklyn, NY


GO Brooklyn Open Studios, Makeshift Studios, Brooklyn, NY


Pratt Show, Manhattan Center, New York, NY

Playtime NYC, Trade Show, New York, NY


So Hush You Little Ones, RA Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

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